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The audience at our Meet, Plan, Go! event

How to Jump Off a Cliff and Other Lessons in Life and Travel from Our Meet, Plan, Go Event

I recently hosted San Francisco’s version of the national Meet, Plan, Go! event. This post focuses on two panelists’ anecdotes about taking a major break from their careers for the sake of travel and personal fulfillment. In other words, doing what many thought was “crazy” because it seemed so risky and unconventional.

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Our family in Barcelona, March 2010

The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Long-Term Travel

We muddled through the highly subjective, somewhat arbitrary, always tortuous, often fascinating, and just as often maddening process of planning a year-long travel itinerary. Along the way, we learned from mistakes and developed a few guiding principles to minimize the time spent planning while maximizing the chances we’ll wind up in fabulous yet affordable places.

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