Archived Race Calendars

My 2016 Race Calendar

Epiphany fat-ass-style 50K (training run), Jan. 3
Crystal Springs Trail Marathon, Jan. 23. 1st age group, 2nd female
Sean O’Brien 50K, Feb. 6. 3rd F, 1st age group, 10th overall. Race report
Western States Training Camp, Feb. 13
Marin Ultra Challenge 50K, March 12. 5th F, 2nd age group
Lake Sonoma 50, April 9. Report.
Western States Training Camp, May 28 & 20
A little race called Western States 100!!!!, June 25. Race report.
Telluride Mountain Run 38M, Aug. 6. 1st masters, 6th F. Report.
Deep Creek Trail Half Marathon, Sep. 25
Grand Circle Trail Fest with races near Bryce, Zion, Grand Cyn, Oct. 13-15. 3rd F overall. Report.
Mount Diablo Summit Stomp 30K, Nov. 5 Decided to DNS to join group QD training run
Piedmont Turkey Trot 5K, Nov. 24. 2nd age group, 9th F, 21:31 on hilly course!
Quad Dipsea, Nov. 26. 5th F

My 2015 Race Calendar

Epiphany fat-ass 50K (training run), Jan. 4
Coastal Trail Runs’ Steep Ravine 50K, Jan. 17. 1st Female, 4th Overall
Tarawera 100K in New Zealand! Feb. 7. PR in 11:58 and 20th Female Trip & race report.
Gorge Waterfalls 100K, Mar. 28. DNF (report)
Diablo Trails Challenge Half Marathon, Apr. 19
Summer Solstice 24-hour in San Francisco, June 21. 1st Female! Report.
Pacing/crewing: Hardrock 100, July 11
Kendall Mountain Run 12-mile skyrunning race in Silverton, CO, July 18
Cinderella 50K, Oakland, Aug. 15. 1st Female, 5th overall
Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run, Sept. 11-12. Race report.
Guest coach at Team RWB Trailrunning Camp in Texas, Oct. 9-12. Report.
Coastal Trail Runs Lake Chabot 5-mile, Nov. 7. 2nd Female, 1st age group, 6th overall.
Piedmont Turkey Trot 5K, Nov. 26
The North Face Endurance Challenge 50M, Dec. 5 Attending Western States 100 lottery instead.

My 2014 Race & Family Travel Calendar

Lake Chabot 30K, Feb. 22. Race report.
“Uncool 50K,” March 8
Night Sweats Marathon, March 24. Related post
Diablo Trails Challenge 50K, April 19. Race report.
Miwok 100K, May 3. Related article
Pacing at Hardrock 100, July 9 – 11. Report
Family trip to Honduras and Costa Rica, late July. Costa Rica report
Crystal Springs 50K (pack training run), Aug. 9. Report
Grand to Grand Ultra self-supported stage race, Sept. 21 – 27 Race report.
Rio Del Lago 100M, Nov. 8 – 9. Race report.
Piedmont Turkey Trot 3-mile, 5th F, 2nd age group
North Face Endurance Challenge 50M, San Francisco, Dec. 6 (not racing; covering it as correspondent for UltraSportsLive.TV)

My 2013 Race & Family Travel Calendar

mid-February: Telluride
Way Too Cool 50K Mar. 9. Race report.
Oakland Marathon, not racing but volunteering as leader for the 3:40 pace group, Mar. 24
Lake Sonoma 50M Apr. 13. Race report.
mid-April: exploring Vancouver for Spring Break
East Bay Triple Crown Series: Tilden Tough 10M May 19, Lake Chabot Half June 2, Woodminster 9M June 16. Short recap.
Marin Ultra Challenge 50M training run, June 22. Story & pics.
6-day Maine biking trip, trip report.
8-day Colorado River rafting trip! Trip report.
Aug. 11: Skyline 50K in the Oakland hills. Injured.
Pine to Palm 100M Sept. 14 Injured.
Berkeley Trail Adventure 50K Sept. 28. Finished 1st F!
Rio Del Lago 100 Mile Endurance Run Nov. 9 Injured.
Quad Dipsea, Nov. 30 Injured.

My 2012 Race Calendar

Brooks Falls Trail Run 30K, Jan. 22, report & commentary
Oakland Marathon, Mar. 25, race report
Miwok 100K, May 5, Race report (it’s a doozy!)
Marin Ultra Challenge 50K, June 30
Geoff Roes Alaskan training camp, July 24 – 28. Read about it.
Skyline 50K, Aug. 12. Pack training run.
The Grand to Grand Ultra, Sept. 23 – 29. Amazing.
Save Mount Diablo Half Marathon, Nov. 4.
Piedmont Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 3-mile (1st age group, 4th F).
North Face Endurance Challenge Championship 50M, Dec. 1. Race report.

My 2011 Race Calendar

Epiphany Ultra, Jan. 2. Did it! Here’s the writeup.
European XC 10K in Ventura Jan. 30. Here’s the writeup.
San Francisco Half Marathon, Feb. 6. Ugh, a hard one! Race report became “How to Recover from a Race that Sucked”.
Montaña de Oro 50K, Feb. 13. Did it! Here’s the writeup.
Oakland Marathon, March 27. So fun! My race report became a haiku.
American River 50M, April 9, race report
Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon, May 7, race report
Tilden Tough Ten 10M, May 15, and the two other races in the Triple Crown trail series, too: Lake Chabot Half and Woodminster 9M. I ended up winning the women’s 2011 East Bay Triple Crown trophy for the fastest cumulative time in the three events! (news blurb & pic)
Ohlone 50K, May 22, Unforgettable!
Pacing the last 25 mi of Hardrock 100 in Telluride! Here’s the pace report.
Skyline 50K in Oakland Aug. 7. Bummer, no go because I’m injured.
Piedmont Fall Fest 5K Sept. 24: Placed 2nd
North Face Endurance Challenge 50M, Dec. 3. Race report.
PCTR Rodeo Beach 50K, New Year’s Eve. Nice to end the year with a win! Race report.

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